Health and its importance

a11Unhealthy food habits leads to obesity and a large number of people are suffering from obesity issues these days. A large number of people are now having health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, back pain etc.a7

losing your excess fat is very essential to keep you away from all health complications. A good diet plan with some essential exercise can help you to lose weight and keep your body fit and active. Exercise has to be made a routine no matter how busy you are in your life. If you are fat you will have serious health problems and you will feel lazy and lethargic.a5

Once you start losing your unwanted fat you will start losing weight and you will feel good and energetic. You will feel a great enthusiasm towards life if you start losing your weight. If you lose weight you will feel more confident and you can ware any dress you want. If you are physically healthy you will feel mentally more fit and active.

Mental activeness plays and important and vital role in keeping your health active. Mentally and physically a person has to be fit to state him as a healthy person. Always take care of the food you eat.

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How important is health in your life

a13a2Body fat has much purpose in your body. By hearing the term we all will think that it is very much negative to the body. But the truth is that fat is very essential for the body.Fat when in a normal amount is very good for the body but fat becomes negative when the quantity increases in your body and thus harms your body and its functioning.

The main function of fat is that it is an energy reserve. Fat plays a very important role in the body as they supply efficient source of energy because it stores carbohydrates and proteins that is needed for the proper functioning of the body.

a19The fact Is that an average person who is not that fat and is lean will store fat in his body that is enough for him to sustain for two months. Problem occurs when the fat content increases in your body. When the fat levels increases it leads to a lot of complications.

Excess fat leads to increased cholesterol in the body and thus it will affect your heart functioning. A good diet is always essential to keep your heart healthy and to keep the fat levels in control.

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